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Set sail on the high seas in Scallywager a dice & card bluffing game - Coming Soon
Our Flagship Product - Supershow the Game
Make sets and mess with your opponent in Rummy Gummy - Coming Soon

Meet our family

Steve Resk

Co-Founder / CEO

Steve is the Co-Founder, CEO, and lead game designer for all things SRG Universe Inc. He and his wife Samantha along with their children reside in New York. Beginning in the humble basement of Steve's grandmother, The Grandmachine, they served as a two-person warehouse and shipping team for Supershow the Game in the early years. In their free time they can be found exploring spooky places and playing games with the kids.

Griff Briggs

Griff Briggs

Co-Owner / COO

Griff is a Co-Owner, COO, and jack-of-all-trades for SRG Universe Inc. He and his wife Jennifer reside in Tennessee. Jennifer was intrumental in developing all things streaming for Supershow the Game, paving the way for Supershow's Twitch and online streamed matches. Griff and Jennifer are kept busy with their two kids running from one sports practice to the next. In their free time they enjoy traveling and eating!

John Calace

Co-Founder / CFO

John Calace, based in New York, NY is the Chief Financial Officer and Co-Founder of SRG Universe. John Calace holds a degree from Hofstra University. Most importantly, he holds the position of General Manager of the Legendary Fighting Federation and runs all things competitive play for Supershow the Game.

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